2012 HIT-MSRA Summer School on Human Language Technology will be held on July 22-28, 2012 in Harbin (Heilongjiang), China.
April 1 ,2012--------------------------------- Starting for online registration
July 10, 23:59, 2012 ------------------------ Deadline for online registration
July 21, 7:00 ~ 21:00, 2012 ------------- Register at HIT(How to Travel to HIT)
July 22-28, 2012 --------------------------- Summer School in Harbin
Welcome to join us!First please read the information.
English version:  Call-For-Participation-English
Chinese version: Call-For-Participation-Chinese
When you register,you should upload a paper ,described in Call for Paper
If you have read the information and call for paper,you can register at here.
The detail instructions of speakers.
Curriculum schedule download here. | Speakers's report materials download here